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Game Story #

With his colorful cast of cartoon animals, Buck Hartley was once a prominent and beloved animator. When he built an amusement park in the summer of 1999, it seemed like a promising newcomer to the industry. However it was shut down that very fall, after 10 missing college students were found dead in a back room of the Horror House dark ride. Along with them was the body of Hartley himself, with a hand-drawn manifesto in his signature comic style. Case closed… right?

Now the park is under new management, and they’re looking to renovate and reopen the place. 20 years after the original murders, the Hartley Haven Horror House for a one-night Halloween celebration. Rumor has it that if your entire group is in costume, you’ll be taken backstage for the secret tour…

Trailer #

Features #

  • Customizable main character
  • Accessibility features: Dyslexic font, auto-reading
  • Multiple endings (most of them bad)
  • Fully original soundtrack
  • You can eventually pet the dog

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