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The Mask Game #

The Mask Game is a divination ritual in which one or many players contact a supernatural entity in order to receive clarity on troubling issues with their personal lives. The game’s origins are unclear, but it is believed to be related to a rash of seemingly-unrelated spree murders that occurred in the Midwest in the sixties.

Needless to say, you play this game at your own risk.

With that needlessly said, this ritual is relatively forgiving in that some mistakes in the procedure are survivable. The most important thing is that no matter what happens, you must not speak lies in the entity’s presence. To do so is to forfeit your body to the spirit you have summoned.

I repeat: DO NOT LIE.

Materials #

  • A mirror placed in a water-tight frame or at the bottom of a bowl/pan
  • A paper mask.
    • Many players prefer to make their own, but a cheap Halloween mask works just as well.
  • Pens and paper
    • One set for each player
  • Candles and matches / lighters
    • At least enough for each player, but it is highly recommended that you have extras on hand.
  • A cup of saltwater
    • Ideal salinity is close to that of a human body

Preparation #

  1. The game should be played in a dark, uncluttered room.
    • Time of day does not matter, but the room must be perfectly dark. Cover any windows and place towels under the cracks of doors if necessary.
    • As cell phones also produce light, they must be left outside.
  2. Pour a thin layer of saltwater onto the mirror, just enough to cover the surface.
  3. All participating players sit in a circle around the mirror.
  4. At this point, the players may light their candles.
  5. By candlelight, each player writes a heartfelt question or aspiration on a piece of paper.
    • For best results, this should be personal.
  6. Burn the paper in the flame of your candle.

Once these steps are completed, the game may begin.

How to Play #

  • The game can be played by any number of players.
    • It is safest to play with people you know well and trust.
    • The ritual will still work with only one player, but it is EXCEPTIONALLY DANGEROUS. Under no circumstances should you play the Mask Game alone!
  • The game is played in turns, moving clockwise around the circle.
  • When it is your turn:
    1. Put on the mask
    2. Lean over the mirror, holding the candle above the water, and gaze into the eyes of your reflection.
    3. If all steps up to this point have been performed correctly, a question should appear in your head
      • CAUTION: The appearance of a question signifies that an entity has taken residence in the mirror. The layer of saltwater you poured on the mirror will protect you to some extent, but tread carefully from here on out!
    4. Blow out your candle, but do not look away from your reflection
    5. State aloud the question that appeared in your mind’s eye.
      • The questions may be embarrassing or cruel, but they are always questions to which you will know the answer.
    6. Answer the question.
      • Failing to address the question has the same result as lying.
      • It’s best to answer honestly and thoroughly, but telling a half-truth or lying by omission will work as long as what you say is objectively true and addresses the question.
      • Only once the question has been answered is it safe to look away from the mirror.
    7. Pass the mask to the next player.
  • Once all players have answered their respective questions and all candles are out, the entire group must agree whether to end the game or play another round.
  • To dismiss the entity and end the game, submerge the mask in saltwater. Once the mask has been completely soaked, destroy it.
  • If all steps are performed correctly, the entity within the mirror will reward the players with insight into the issues that they wrote at the beginning of the game.
  • At this point the game is completed. You may safely turn on the lights.

Ironclad Rules #

  • Do not lie
  • Do not ignore your question
  • Do not remove the mask until you have completed your turn
  • Do not allow light in the room
  • Do not leave the room until the game has been completed

Failsafes #

If any of the above rules are broken by any player, the game is lost and you forfeit your prize. You can still survive with your souls intact if you close out the game properly, but you must first determine whether the entity has left the mirror and entered one of the players. To do this, you must begin another round and pay close attention for lies. In this new round, there is a new rule: In addition to answering questions for the entity, players will also question one another.

Humans may lie or tell the truth freely, as humans are wont to do, but the entity will always lie when asked a direct, personal question. Remember this. It will be your last advantage.


It is NOT recommended to ask the entity simple, objective questions such as “What is 1+1?” or “What country are we in?” as the entity may consider it an insult against the spirit of the game and use the body it is possessing to murder the other players. Killing each other, as it turns out, is not against the rules of the game.)

In order to do so, follow these steps:

  • Restore the original conditions of the game: Darken the room, players in place near the mirror, candles in hand.
  • Begin another round.
  • After a player answers their question, the other players will go around the circle and ask questions of their own.
    • For best results, make the questions personal.
    • Too many questions may be perceived as “unfair” by the entity.
  • Should you discover that a member of your group is possessed, do the following:
    • Splash them with the saltwater from the mirror.
    • Hold the mirror to their face, forcing them to stare at their reflection.
    • With the words “gaze into yourself and unmask the truth,” rip the mask from their face.
    • Be ready to catch them, as most people will faint when the entity leaves their body.
  • If you performed the previous steps correctly, the entity will be banished back into the mirror.
    • WARNING: You can only try this ONCE, so be very certain you have the correct person!
  • The entity’s will strive to end the game with it occupying a human body, but it cannot end the game on its own. The game ends when the players agree not to continue (best case) or when a player step outside of the room (please don’t).